Released August 2019: Committee Member Approval via Digital Signatures

How Do I Provide Approval of Students' Theses and Dissertations?

Committee members are required to review and provide their approval for submitted works that they are a part of. The revised process will no longer involve a paper signature form and is managed electronically. The process will start after students have passed all internal checks from the partnering program.

  1. Each committee member will receive an email with a link to the ETDA (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Application).
  2. Upon login you will be presented with a list of the submission(s) that require attention.
  3. Click the title of the submission to process that particular submission.

  4. select review image

Approval Process:

  1. Review the student’s information (submission title, access ID, PSU ID etc.).

  2. submission details image
  3. Review comments and notes from other committee members. (If desired)

  4. committee reviews image
  5. Download the file(s) related to this submission and approve or reject the work.

  6. submission approval image